Older cat won't get along with new kittens, need serious advice, please...

My mother hs gone to a nursinghome. I have taken in her three older cats. Two pure bred persians was able to give to a lovely, older woman, single, who had lost her mother recently. They all get along great. I have two NEW MAINE COON KITTENS. My mothe's third cat, A NINE YR OLD HIMALYAN is EXTREMELY anti-social, bites, growls, would scratch if had claws. Hubby and I have TRIED to keep her with us and the new kittens. She is IMPOSSIBLE, hisses and growls at hubby, hits the kittens, growls and hisses at them , am terrrified she wil ACTUALLY kill them with her teeth. We did EVERYTHING suggested about introducing new cats ... nothing has worked. She's just a messed up cat. Mother asked me when she got the 3 that if anything happend to her NOT to put them in a shelter where they ould be stuck in cages. I agrree. BUT no one will take this at, I KNOW IT - she's NOT FRIENDLY. ADVICE PLEASE!!! Thank you all very much...Connie

Asked by TROUBLE on Aug 21st 2008 Tagged kittens, behavior, biting, scratching, elderly, adoption, killing in Other Adoption & Rescue
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I have a similar situation I had 3 older cats age 7, and then I got a call that the mother cat was killed and she has 5 kittens. I couldn't say no, so I brought 2 of the Maine Coon kittens home. Unfortunately we had an alpha female, who stalks, hisses and marks her territory. She did scratch one of the kittens which had us get more aggressive with the cure. Artemos the alpha female, is now on Prozac, and it had helped to calm her down a bit. She still gets her moods but I have now added a holistic approach and I put calming drops that you can find on the Bach Flower Remedy website. It has calmed her down quite a bit, so you might consider trying this approach..Plus you don't mention how long you had her. It took a good 2 to 3 weeks before our alpha older female, gave the kittens some rest. I am sure the new environment and her buddy, your mom not being there is quite stressful for her. Give her some private space where she can go and not have the kittens pesting her. good luck

answered on Aug 22nd.

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How was she with your mom? Is she the eldest of all cats and was she there first? I ask because I'm thinking two things:

1. She might be grieving for the loss of your mom. Simply put, your mom is gone, and she does not know why she is gone, and whether she'll ever come back. It must be stressful for her.
2. She might have preferred being an only cat back in the day, and has been unhappy since, in which case her continued attacks on the kittens and on your husband are her way of saying "I am tired of this nonsense. I want to be alone."

While she might not be friendly in an environment she deems chaotic, she might improve if given time and space. Try isolating her to one room, and if she's more friendly with you than with your hubby even try spending time with her. Once she knows that the kittens are not allowed to bother her, she might mellow out enough for you to be able to show her to someone who hopefully will agree to have her, and only her, for her remaining years.

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