Cow and Bahji


Cow and Bahji have been wanting to nurse lately. They are old enough that they have been weaned (nearly 4 months) but I think they want to because they still miss their mommie and are used to it for comfort. When I hold them they try to schnuffle into my shirt or hair and nibble/suck on the conrers of their blankies. I tried getting them kitten bottles and a little KMR but Cow just chewed the end of the bottle off and Bahji couldn't figure out how to work it.
I give them all sorts of attention and snuggles but feel bad that they can't schnuffle like they want to. I'm guessing that they will grow out of it but is thre anything else I could try? do they make kitty pacifiers?

Asked by Cow and Bahji on May 21st 2008 Tagged nursing, kitten, weaning in Food & Nutrition
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