New Rescue Kitty help

I just brought home a 5y/o rescue kitty yesterday. His owner was an elderly man that was getting ill and could no longer care for his 2 cats and had to surrender them. While living in the shelter my kitty was picked on, and some scratches from the other cats.

I also have 2 cats at home, both pretty docile and friendly.

The new cat has been in my house about 2 days, and he's terrified. He won't eat, won't drink, and hasn't gone to the bathroom. He found a way to squeeze into the closet of the room we set up for him, and he's barricaded himself in there. I even tried putting a plate of wet food in the closet for him, but he won't touch that either. I just went out and bought a Feliway diffuser and plugged that into his room, so hopefully that will help.

Even when I open the closet door the poor thing won't even look at me. I'm really worried about him not eating or using the litterbox, and ideas or suggestions?!?!

Asked by Member 1148350 on Jan 5th 2013 in Adoption & Rescue
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Sounds like your kitty needs some positive experiences to realize that life isn't so bad. But first, have you brought kitty to the vet to make sure he is not getting malnourished and dehydrated?
The vet might want him to get on some fluids and medication.

My mom tried Feliway and it didn't work at all. She finally got me on kitty prozac and that's helped me cope. My parents make me come out of my safe spot and face my fears.

Get your kitty to the vet first and make sure there are no health concerns, then get a decent sized crate and make him stay in the crate out in the open with all the sights and sounds around him so he can get used to the commotion and smells. Then ask him occasionally if he wants to come out, and put him in a controlled environment where he cannot hide, but has access to food, water and a litter box.

If someone doesn't show him that life does not consist of a closet, who knows if he'll ever come out of his shell!

Mustafa answered on 1/8/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer