New cat won't use litter box

We adopted a six year old cat yesterday at the local animal shelter. She is extremely nervous and has yet to use the litter box (it's been 24 hours) I don't think she has gone anywhere else which is scaring me b/c this means she has not gone to the bathroom for over 24 hours and I'm scared that she will have an accident.
We are using my old cat's litter box. We have two out right now, one is covered one is not. They are in the corner of our living room. I cleaned them thoroughly before putting them out and I have put her in them multiple times with no success. Do we just wait it out?

Asked by Member 737121 on Sep 15th 2008 Tagged newcat in Behavior & Training
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Izadore (Izzie)

There could be a few reasons why your cat has not used this box. She's suddenly in a new situation, again. She may have been bounced around a lot in her life. Right now she's probably hiding and scoping things out. She probably won't pee or poo until she's comfortable with the smells and sounds of your home and the people (and other animals) in it. In addition, if the living room is a busy area, she's not going to want to come out to use the box. If you have a more private area, try moving the box there (and showing her where you've moved it.) I would also try a new box. I've heard that cat's senses of smell are thousands of times better than our's and she may still be picking up the scent of your old cat. A few dollars spent on new boxes is not that much if she'll start to use them. Some cats also don't like covered boxes as they may feel "trapped". You can also try a litter called Cat Attract. Be patient, loving and calm and she'll come around soon!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Sep 16th.

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I agree with the other poster. Get a new litter box, you can get one at the dollor store, it kinda looks like a dish pan, temp for now until you can get a new one. And call the local animal shelter where you got her, and ask them what kind/brand of litter they were using, as she was used to that, some cats are very pickey about the kind of litter they use, and maybe even ask them what kind of litter box they used.

The main prob is she is scared, because she is in a new situation and surroundings. She should be confined to a small room her first few days, putting a cat loose in a whole house is very overwhelming to them. And the living room prob has alot of traffic/noise/commotion.

Don't know how long they can go, without going, that it would be a dangerous situation, so you might want to give you vet a call.

Hope this helps, and thank you for giving a cat a home. :-)

Member 719417 answered on 9/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer