Neutered today, now splashes his water everywhere??!

So my dear little Gatsby got neutered this morning and now it's the evening and he has taken to splashing every last drop of water out of his drinking bowl. He's done it 3 times in the last 30 minutes but never did this before today. His litter is sticking to his paws trailing it all over the place. Anyone know why he is doing this? Is he hot from the medication and trying to cool down? He HATES water (tried to bath him a few weeks ago which was traumatic for us both!). Has anyone else experienced this so soon after getting their cat neutered? Did it stop? I'm concerned he'll keep doing it without drinking it!

Can anybody shed any light?

Thanks in advance.

Asked by Gatsby on Feb 5th 2013 Tagged neutering, water, behaviour, neuter, neutered, kitten, splash in Health & Safety
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My cat Simon does this, though I got him well after he was fixed. I'm not sure why this behavior has cropped up now but what I do is provide a BIG water pail (like a 4L ice cream bucket or a smaller horse feed bucket, which is what I'm using now for my dogs and the cats just drink out of it as well) but make sure it's heavy enough so he wont tip it over.
I have my water dish moved over to a non-carpet surface or you can place a towel under it, that way it's easy to clean up and Simon still gets to take his 'baths' in the dish.
The litter sticking to his feet is problematic as well. With Simon I keep the fur on his paws clipped short (which helps a lot because he has ridiculously hairy feet!)Trying a new type of litter (recycled newspaper or the crystal kind) could help with that also.

Sorry I couldn't offer any suggestions as to why or how to stop him, I just know how to deal with a compulsive dish diver XD

Good luck!

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Splat Cat

Your cat also is still partly under the influence of anesthetic and his senses, coordination, awareness, etc aren't totally back to normal yet.Until anesthetic effects completely wear off, your cat is likely to be more drowsy, more clumsy, less aware (sort of "out of it"), and less active than normal. He is likely to sleep more than usual, eat less than usual, and be sloppier in his eating, drinking and litter habits than normal. It usually takes at least a day or two for the effects of anesthetic to completely wear off.

Some medications do have a side effect of making an animal thirstier and drink more water. You can ask your vet about this if you're concerned.

Baths and pawing at a dish of water are unrelated. Cats are picky and want their water to be fresh. Dust, dirt, hair, etc settle on the surface of water in a dish. Cats will paw at the water to try to bring fresher water up from under the surface. Many cats like to splash water or catch drops from a faucet.

Splat Cat answered on 2/6/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer