Neutered kitten humping another male cat?!

One of my 6-month old neutered male kittens - the one I would otherwise believe to be the "runt" - has recently begun humping one of his brothers (also 6 months, also neutered, and the one I would normally suspect is the "alpha male").

I had noticed the runt mounting the alpha kitten to groom him, but as of this week it definitely looks like he's now humping his brother. I haven't witnessed him doing it with the other male kitten or my female cat. What is this behavior about? Should I be concerned that it could be aggressive or problematic in some way? Obviously there's no chance for pregnancy for various reasons, so I'm just concerned about it being territorial or aggressive behavior...

Asked by Member 1140346 on Feb 28th 2013 Tagged humping, aggressive, aggression in Aggression
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Cats don't have a strict pack structure the way dogs do. Since your cats get along, they already are sharing territory.

Most young mammals will show some mounting, humping, etc behavior now and then when playing. Some animals also enjoy masturbation and your kitty may be one of these.

I wouldn't worry too much about the "runt" cat's behavior. Usually a kitten will push another cat until that other cat finally retaliates, smacks the kitten & teaches the kitten respect. If the other cat gets sick of the kitten's behavior, he will discipline the "runt" with a hiss or a growl and a swat of a forepaw across the muzzle or side of the head. Cats, even the best of friends, sometimes get into quarrels. Some of these quarrels can even get very noisy, fur can fly, etc but after the dispute is settled, its rare to find even one scratch on either cat & if one does get scratched, its almost always a minor scratch on the nose or muzzle.

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