Need food suggestions for a bengal with ibd

It has been 3 months, he throws up bile pretty much every day. is down to 6lbs. very lethargic. is on Hills Zd has had a steriod shot nothing works. help...

Asked by Member 656459 on Jul 17th 2008 in Homemade Food
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C.C. (Angel)

Has IBD been confirmed by biopsy? This can also help tell you the stage of IBD. I have a ten year old that had exploratory surgery. Turns out she has minor IBD. The Hills ZD diet is working but only the dry. If I feed her the wet she throws up. She is also on Flagyl, 1 ml twice a day. I also give her Hairball remedy as this is also an issue with her. I would start by asking your vet if flagyl might help. It is an antibiotic sued for intestial bacterial infectins. Sometimes it helps with the inflammation from IBD which might be what is causing you kitty to vomit.

C.C. (Angel) answered on 7/17/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Oh dear, your bengal sounds very sick! I'm sorry & I would say keep asking your Vet for what he can do. If he's lethargic, is he eating or drinking at all? He may need some fluids.
I have IBD, as a presumptive Dx. I've had symptoms of throwing-up, & wt-loss, too, also diarrhea. I've had 3 or so "flare-ups" since I was first dx'd (1 1/4 yrs ago). When I'm not eating/drinking well Meowmie measures out what she gives & what I take in, This helps her & the vet to realize when I need more fluids SubQ. It can be done at home. I take Pred 5mg BID, Pepcid, Cyproheptidine (REALLY helps me eat), plus fiber & probiotic. Ask your Vet about.
Food is a puzzle. I/D & Z/D I tolerate well, but don't eat well. I like Purina One & Purina OM (weight control, for chubby kitties here). The later obviously NOT good for me! Fancy feast, KMR, or Catsip milk I like a few times & then reject.
I recently started eating Nature's Variety raw food, & I do LOVE it. Plus free-feed Purina Naturals (all eat it now).

Skuya answered on 7/17/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Ralph (in memory of)

Our purrson has worked with six cats with IBD (adopted and fostered). I am one of those cats. We have all done best on an all-wet diet, preferably with little-to-no grains, vegetables, and fruit. Poultry or rabbit works best.

Check out Feline Outreach:

Check out Dr. Lisa's list of recommended foods:

Check out

Check out my Catster page! I was very very sick when my purrson adopted me, but now I am healthy and happy.

Ralph (in memory of) answered on 8/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have a tuxedo baby that was dx'd with IBD in March 2007. I tried every food imaginable & spent countless $$ at the vet, all to no avail. I finally researched online and came up with my own "treatment". I put my cats on Innova Evo dry & for canned food I use Fancy Feast (only the NON wheat gluten flavors). My IBD cat has not had diarrhea since August 2007! Sorry, she did have 1 slight slip about 2 weeks ago. My friend gave her cat some treats while visiting me, my IBD cat got about 3 pieces before I could stop her and she had diarrhea 2 times that day but that was it. I found that my cat also tolerates Natural Balance Green Pea & Duck dry so I switch between the 2 but stick mostly to Innova Evo. My missy went from 7 lbs down to 4 lbs when sick, now shes 7.4 lbs and a beautiful kitty!

Missy answered on 9/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer