Naturally occurring Maine Coons?

I've heard that Maine Coons can be naturally occurring, but the ones that are look different from ones that come from breeders. What's the difference, exactly? I ask because I just saw a blind "Maine Coon" pop up on Crag's list, and it made me realize that a lot of cats labeled as "Maine Coon" look very similar to Lynch. I normally don't think of breeds when I think of shelter/rescue cats, (I know most aren't a particular breed) but could it be possible that Lynch is a naturally occurring Maine Coon? I'm not sure that he's quite big enough, but then again I don't know what the naturally occurring ones look like and he's only a year old. He seems big boned - he has big feet, and the bones in his legs seem thick. And his head shape reminds me of a "big cat," like a lion. He also has a "belly flap." I have plenty of pics on his profile. Thanks in advance for any info you guys can give! :)

Asked by Member 1015580 on Aug 17th 2011 in Maine Coon
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