My sister-in-law is getting a kitten soon...

I gave her alot of advice, and my brother and I have grown up around cats, but I'd like some more info from other cat owners. I told her what she needs to have, that she needs to call a vet, but I'm not sure about some of it. They'll be moving from Indiana to Texas in August (they're getting the kitten in July) and other than microchipping, tagging, and the carrier and calling hotels ahead of time, IDK what else she should know. My bro is in the military and IDK if that would make a difference when it comes to hotels. And I told her she needs to find a vet asap after they arrive. Any other advice? We've never moved with a cat before.

Asked by Bear on Jun 18th 2010 Tagged travelling, kitten, hotels in Car Travel
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Why would your sister-in-law and brother get a kitten before they move (especially out of state)? What if they can't have a pet where they are moving unless they are purchasing their own home, of course? If they are traveling by car with a kitten, there is always the possibility that the kitten could escape unless they really are good about keeping it in a carrier until they reach their new home. If they are traveling by plane, they will need to call the airline ahead of time and ask what their pet policy is. They will need an airline approved pet carrier that fits under the seat, etc. Airlines do not permit animals to travel with cargo anymore because of the extreme change in temperatures. The cabin of the plane has a controlled temperature. Also, the kitten may have to have certain vaccines before leaving the state or traveling on a plane. In my opinion, I would really encourage your brother and his wife to wait until they are situated in their new home to get a kitten.

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