My new kitten's whiskers appear to be broken off

I didn't think too much of it when I got her because I thought maybe they didn't grow in as quick on a Ragdoll or something. (yeah, that was a stupid thought) She has mostly stubby whiskers that look cut and a few whole ones. But then I looked at the kitten shots online from before I got her and she did have full whiskers then. The breeder is a vet so I am sure she didn't cut them but now I am surprised they didn't mention it to me when I picked her up. I read online that sometimes Momma kitties chew them off when they are grooming the kitten and that they will grow back. Has anyone ever seen this? We are going to the vet later today just for a new kitten health check but I didn't want to seem clueless when we get there. Clearly this is not my first kitten and I should have known this was not normal.

Asked by Maggie on Jun 24th 2009 Tagged whiskers in Kittens
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Indiana Angel Cat

Indiana had the same problem-When I first adopted him from the shelter, he was only 10 weeks and tiny and they looked ok, but almost right away they started to snap off or bend and twist. He is also very active so I thought they might be bending or breaking if he was too rough. My vet told me that it was from malutrition as a baby kitten and that it would stop in the next shedding cycle. I give him a premium food and also got a supplement at the petstore to make sure he was getting nutrients because he also won't eat wet food. Finally, after having him about 8 months it has stopped.

Indiana Angel Cat answered on Jun 24th.

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Tipper sometimes chews off one or two fo her own whiskers, mainly the cruvy ones closer to her mouth. I think she does it cause she's bored and those particualr ones get in the way. Could it be a nervous quirk? Like the cat version of someone biting their nails or twirling their hair? They will grow back when the stubby ones fall out, just like hair. Guess ya'll just have to wait and see if the kitten chews them off herself or if it was some other reason.

Tipper answered on 6/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer