My kitty at 11 months old still suckles is that normal?

She suckles on a blanket! it is so weird

Asked by Sophie on Dec 29th 2011 in Kittens
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Totally normal! Especially if she was weened a little early or too abruptly. While most cats like to kneed to recreate that happy, secure feeling they felt when they were nursing on their beloved mama cat, some of us take it a step further and like to have a "furry" feeling blanket in our mouths or even enthusiastically suck on them.

As long as the blanket is sturdy enough to hold up to her suckling and she's not ingesting a bunch or yarn or lint from it you can just appreciate it for how cute and endearing it is. It's cute and endearing when I do that, right mom? What do you mean it would be nice to have a few blankets not covered in my slobber? My slobber improves them! Ignore her opinion- slobber-soaked blankets are better! Go crazy, Sophie!

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