my cats keeps on getting a scab on her chin. Why?

we have another cat but they fight once in a while they are not violent enough to give her a scar

Asked by Member 856084 on Jul 17th 2009 Tagged kirkland in Skin Problems
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It's possible that she has feline acne. Do you use plastic bowls for food or water? Some cats are senstive to the bacteria that can grow and glass, steel or ceramic is better. My Chelsea used to have feline acne even with ceramic but she outgrew it. If your cat has dark fur, it's harder to tell. But it starts out as little back specks that look like flea dirt but only on the chin. And it can turn into scabs and sores. If it continues, I would have the vet take a look. If that's all it is, it's easily treatable with some antibacterial shampoo for a daily chin washing until it clears up. But it could also be something called "rodent ulcers" which can be much worse. They just get sores that are uncomfortable and so hard to treat. It may even be caused by food allergies.

Allie answered on 7/17/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Steel bowls are the standard for breeders, for the reasons stated above. They are not "cute," but less likely to cause infections. However, I think a vet check is in order here. If money is a problem (and it shouldn't cause that much money for a vet check and meds), contact your local shelter or SPCA for advice about cheap vet care. Or let your fingers do the walking, and call up all the vets in your area to find one who will let you pay on the installment plan. Such a vet is likely to be kinder than one who will just turn away patients. Good luck and purrs.

Lola answered on 7/17/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer