My cats are fighting

Are they fighting for food,shelter,space or what?...I cant understand them why are they fighting...I bought them together they said their best friends..Then when i bought them home they started to fight..What am i gonna do to them..please answer my question.These answers will be helpful to me...

Asked by Member 1100089 on Mar 16th 2012 in Other Kittens
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It would be helpful if you could post again and explain the fights. Sometimes cat play can look like a fight, and it can be scary if you're not familiar with how cats play. Since they were already a bonded pair when you adopted them, I suspect that's what they're doing. Cats will have major wrestling matches where they roll around and snarl and bunny kick, and it looks like no fun at all, but that's how they play. They should be broken apart if one of them is in distress or if one is overagressive with claws or teeth, but as long as no one is getting hurt, they should be fine.

However, the fact that they're in an unfamiliar new home is likely causing them stress, and they may be taking it out on each other. Watch their interactions carefully for a while until they're used to their new environment. It may be a good idea to contact the shelter or wherever you got them from, and find out what is considered normal interaction for these two. That information could be very useful.

answered on Mar 16th.

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Ralphie and Randy gave some good advice. With the limited information as to how they fight, it sounds as if they may be having trouble adjusting to the change in environment. This can cause them to act aggressively toward one another.

As Ralphie and Randy suggested, you may need to separate the cats temporarily. Then slowly work on reintroducing them to one another. It might help to provide positive things for them to associate with one another--like food/treats.

And of course, if you can't find a solution on your own, don't hesitate to seek help.

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