My cat won't let me sleep, need help.

I have a problem, my female cat is called Lenni. She's a very cute little kitty of around 9 months. She has been spayed a couple a months back, we haven't let her outdoors yet, will do once spring comes round.
My problem is that we stupidly let her come upstairs at night when was living here for around 1 month. Now we can't put her back downstairs to sleep as she cries her wee head off and pulls at the door (very loudly) so we couldn't leave her there as we wouldn't sleep and she cries so loudly that I'm sure the neighbours would hear her!
She tortures me during the night from around 2am on, clawing at the side of the bed, sitting looking into my face poking me, licking me and crying or trying to knead (spelling) me. She continues on and off until around 6am when I get up to feed her. I've tried ignoring her or telling her off, nothing works. I need sleep! :(
I tried playing with her lots in the evening and feeding her a bit later at night. I'm going to off my head or look about 80 if this continues from lack of sleep.
Please help

Asked by Member 1088417 on Jan 30th 2012 in Noisiness
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Ah, I know this problem well. What I ended up doing was I bought a large dog kennel from somebody at a garage sale and kept it in my room. It had food, water and a litter box as well as soft bed and a 'quiet toy'. (quiet toys are the ones that stay out at night because they won't wake me up!) Every night I'd lay down, and the first time she'd attack, I'd grab her (gently) and in a low tone say "NO" while looking in her eyes and put her off the bed. The next time she did it, I picked her up and put her in the kennel.
She cried and whined and was a general brat about it, but eventually she gave up. I slept the first night, let her out when I was getting up in the morning. Repeated the steps the next night. It took over a week (grr) but then she got to the point where one "NO" and she'd leave me alone.

Member 1088571 answered on 1/31/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Mr. Falkor Tuffy Toes McFluffe

McFlufferson here.
Sounds like she may be hungry. Feed her right before bedtime and see if that helps? If it's an attention thing, you may need to play with her a little more often. Some of us fluffys require more food and more attention :3

Mr. Falkor Tuffy Toes McFluffe answered on 1/31/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer