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My cat tiger dose not meow at ALL! He just squeaks!

Hello ^^ i have a question. My cat tiger dose not meow at ALL! He just squeaks! He dose like to talk very often so he's not quite. I was wondering if its something with his breed or coat? I have noticed that other orange striped tabbies squeak to! Tiger is a Tabby/alley/siamese cat and he's not a kitten ether he is about 5 years old but he's still pretty young. So is there a reason or is my cat just weird ;D

Asked by Member 1146388 on Dec 23rd 2012 Tagged squeakingandcats in Noisiness
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Cats make a wonderful range of sounds, some in a pitch so high we cannot even hear them! Some cats are not very vocal, but others are extremely vocal, and all meows sound different. Your kitty is not weird, he's just an individual.

George answered on 12/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer