My cat stopped sleeping with me?

My cat, 2 year old Zedd, is a very loving and social boy (with me). He follows me around the house, loves to be pet, licks me when he bathes himself, and loves his daily "fetch sessions" with me. I have no doubt that he loves me. He usually sleeps on my bed right next to my head, but the last 2 weeks he's been sleeping on the floor next to my bed. What is going on? I'm wondering if it's because it's been hot? I live in California and it's been in the 90s for 2 weeks. Nothing else in his behavior is different. Is he mad at me, or just hot?

Asked by Zedd on May 4th 2013 Tagged sleep, cuddle in Other Health & Wellness
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My guess would be that maybe he is hot. My daughter's cat, when it's warm, likes to sleep in the bathtub. My dog loves to lay against the tile floor when it's hot. If he has other behavior changes, you might need a trip to the vet. When cats start acting differently, sometimes it's the first sign of a health issue. Watch him in the litter box and make sure he is peeing ok. Hopefully he is just hot.

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