My cat keeps peeing on my bed

My indoor cat of five years has just taken to peeing on my bed (same spot (nowhere else), happens every few days). She just got back from the vet so a UTI is out of the question

I recently got a kitten (about a week ago), so that may be it, but she seems to tolerate the kitten fine (they chase each other and play somewhat).

It seems she is marking her territory, but why my bed?! And is there anyway to get her to stop? I know punishing doesn't work, but she is ruining my sheets and mattress.

Any tips?

Asked by Member 1072728 on Nov 23rd 2011 Tagged bathroom, pee, bed, territory in Behavior & Training
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If your vet is certain that there is nothing medically wrong with your cat (UTI, etc.), then it is most likely a behavioral problem such as marking her territory. There are measures you should take to help solve the problem (or at least help). First, make sure that you have at least three (3) litterboxes since you have two cats, and keep them VERY CLEAN! Second, keep your bedroom off limits to your cats. If you can't, then you should invest in a waterproof cover for your mattress. This way at least your mattress is protected. If you see the cat peeing on your bed, use a squirt bottle to squirt her and a firm "NO"! I hope these suggestions help. If all fails, then a trip back to the vet is needed. Best of luck.

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