My cat is sneezing a lot! What's wrong?

Flakes is about 6-ish years old. He is exclusively an indoor cat and he has not been around any other animals for several months. In the past few days, he's started sneezing a lot. I have checked his teeth (read on a website that it might be teeth related) and they look fine. What do you think is the cause? Could it be that our air conditioner filter needs cleaning?

ETA: He does not have watery eyes and he's breathing fine. He is acting pretty pretty normal.

Asked by Flakes on May 9th 2009 Tagged sneezing, sneeze, allergies in Health & Wellness
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Its probably worth having Flakes checked out by the vet if the sneezing continues but since he's breathing Ok and no watery eyes its probably fine to just keep an eye on him.

Allergies can sometimes cause sneezing so maybe he has mild hayfever?

If he's recently had a distemper/FVRC vacination using the nasal spray method that will make cats sneeze about a week later. It lasts a few days then goes away.

Gogo answered on May 9th.

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I agree with the above answer, but I have a personal anecdote to add. When my cat came home from the shelter, she sneezed a lot. The shelter had some strange advice for me: give her a bath. This I did and she stopped sneezing within two days.

I don't know if that applies though, since Flakes hasn't left/gone to a new place.

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What does ETA mean?

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