My cat is pooping on my couch

I am Having a problem with my male cat (5 months old). He keeps pooping on my couch no matter what I try. I Have two cats (the one with the problem is more dominate), and I have tried adding litter boxes, switching litter, putting plastic over the seats of the couch (which they enjoyed). I have also sprayed the couch with vinegar, and Natures Miracle, and washed the seats a hundred times (I take apart the whole seat and clean everything). I had the vet do a fecal test which came back negative. He usually does this at night when I am sleeping so I can't stop him. The only thing I can do is move the seats to a different room, so that he can not access them. When I do catch him, I move him to one of the litter boxes (where he usually then tries my bathmat). I have liter boxes spaced in different parts of the house (some open and some closed). I also can not keep him out of the living room because I live in a very small place. When the couch seats are gone he uses the litter box normally, and he has only peed on the couch once when he was 2 months old.

Asked by Member 1143881 on Dec 6th 2012 Tagged poopingoncouch in Other Health & Wellness
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Izadore (Izzie)

Since you've taken him to the vet and he's checked out, it's a pretty good bet it's "mental" with him. Cats will mark with feces as well as urine spraying and this may be what he's doing. There's nothing wrong with my Delilah either and she poops in my tub. I'm convinced it's habit with her. It's extreme, but have you tried rearranging the furniture? There is also Feliway, a plug in pheromone/attractant to be plugged in near the box(es) and "Cat Attract" litter. You can also sprinkle some of his dry kibble on the sofa as cats are reluctant to poop where they eat. I've also heard that tin foil will work. Vinegar is not a repellent and can discolor your upholstery. Nature's Miracle is a cleaner and won't repel him. He may also be asking for more attention, more playtimes, grooming and cuddling if he's without his person a lot. Make sure the other cat doesn't disturb him when he's using the box. Some cats are sensitive about that. Don't punish him. That will make it worse. Good luck!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 12/6/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer