My cat has a swollen jaw; what should we do?

My cat escaped last night, and returned early this morning with a swollen jaw. It started out swollen on mostly one side, but has now become slightly worse. He has also begun drooling, and his drool is opaque - vaguely yellow in colour, although not outrageously so. He seems pretty lethargic, and is just laying in one place, though he's aware enough to notice our comings and goings, and he seems to acknowledge us when we pet him, but he's not purring or seeking our attention. Our veterinarian told us that he didn't have the time to see our baby, and suggested that we take him to the nearest city. We don't have transportation available, and even if we did, we literally do not have the money for any kind of care. We are completely broke until at least Thursday. We are at a complete and utter loss, and don't know what to do. We're willing to accept any kind of advice.

Asked by Member 1119432 on Jul 7th 2012 Tagged cat, swollen, jaw, emergency, accident, sick, drooling, drool, lethargy in Emergencies & First Aid
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The only advice I can give is to somehow get him to a vet. It sounds like he has an infection. Please beg your vet to make some time for him. If it is an infection, it won't get better on it's own, and will certainly get worse.

Monster answered on 7/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Sounds like your furry baby was in a fight. If you male isn't fixed its a bigger possibility as unfixed males tend to fight for territory, females or just because they can.In a fight, cats bite at the neck and face of the other cat, so it sounds like your might have a puncture bite that is infected. It most likely is abscessing. It can take care of itself, but will be painful for your kitty and smelly when the abcess bursts. Check his face and neck for any punctures or bite marks and try your best to pour or dab peroxide on them to clean them out, but don't try too hard if kitty isn't cooperative. Make him comfortable, give him access to plenty of fresh water, change it frequently throught the day to keep it fresh. Give him wet food, the smellier the better, tuna or fish is best. If you have a heating pad, put it on low and cover it with a towel where your kitty sits, they like warming pads on low when they feel out of sorts. Any drastic change, please take him to vet, though!

Member 1119854 answered on 7/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer