My cat had her kittens today. What do I do to help?????

Asked by Member 1141702 on Nov 21st 2012 in Food & Nutrition
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Best thing you can do is to make sure she is in a warm, safe and quiet place while she is nursing her newborns,keep a close eye on her for any problems and always phone your vet if you notice any change in health or behaviour Phone your vet immediately. The first few weeks are the most crucial for mumma and babies.Warmth is very important.
Make sure mumma cat is eating, and that her bowl,litter and water are close by, Nursing cats can require up to 3times the calories of a regular 4kg kitty, so let her eat as much as she needs to.
Watch your kittens,a happy well fed kitten will develop a full tummy and sleep peacefully,Mumma cat should be licking her kittens to induce elimination, so if mumma is not around you can help by wiping thier bottoms with a warm cloth to stimulate waste etc.
Its helpful after the first week to take mumma and babies to the vet for a check up too.Try to let mumma get on as much as possible but keep an eye on her though.Hope all are well!

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