My cat (Edward) keeps scratching itself nonstop! (pics included)

(Note: Ignore my other thread as I didn't upload any pictures before the time ran out.)
My cat Edward has been scratching himself frequently for months and bleeds frequently. He has many wounds on the back of his neck, face, top of his head, back, neck, and the begining of his tail. I fed him holistic blend dry food but switched to raw beef but he was still extremely itchy, so now he eats raw ground =chicken or turkey. It's not working. We switched his litter to worlds best cat litter and saw a little improvement but now he still as itchy as before! He had flea treatment last month by Advantage but was and is still very itchy. One thing puzzles me though. In Edwards fur there are black stuff that may be flea dirt but it also may just be his skin that has been ripped off.

Do you know what problem Edward has? Is there a cure without bringing him to the vet?
Additional info: Edward is 2 years old, 11 pounds, very cute.
Please help!
Link to photos: postimage.org

Asked by Edward on Aug 10th 2012 Tagged poor, cat, edward, cute, fleas, itchy, scratch, photos, ultraitchy in Skin Problems
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GNC makes a coat and hair vitamin at pet-smart this may be something to try out.


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Sounds like fleas to me, and some cats have allergies to fleas as well, which can cause scabs and additional irritation. (Flea dirt looks like little specs, BTW, and it turns reddish and dissolves when you get it wet since it's basically blood.) I've heard recently from a couple of people who used flea treatment and it didn't work. Here in SoCal, my vet tells me, this has been a really bad year for fleas. You can try flea-combing him to see if there are any fleas, which may shed some light. It might also be an allergy to something else. Most of all, though, it sounds as if you need to bite the bullet and get him to the vet. He's suffering if he's that itchy.

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