My cat attacks me when I play audio voice on my phone.

when I listen to language lessons on my phone while I'm in bed, she always walk towards me and yell at me meow meow so loud and stare at me, then she seems to look everywhere for the noise around the bed next to me but she won't go direct to the phone, ESP when I play my Japanese lesson. then she goes under the blanket, grab my legs with both her hands and bite me and meow meow and won't stop grabbing my legs and feet and bite them until I turn the lesson off then when I turn it off, she still go back under the blanket and stay there. What does it mean? Also when I speak with my friend on the phone with speaker, she comes to meoew next to my face so loud too like she doesn't like it or something ? Something about mobile phone... laptop only when i skype sometimes.. Thanks .

Asked by Member 1153001 on Jan 31st 2013 Tagged cat, attack, moan, playaudio, mobilephone in Aggression
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Angel Hallie (5-15-96/11-7-12)

It sounds like your cat may be curious and at the same time, a bit unsure of these strange sounds that seem to come from nowhere. In time, she'll get used to those sounds.

Animals, like children, often will start competing for your attention when they hear you talking to something or someone else. Whenever my Blue Front Amazon parrot hears me talking on the phone, he starts talking and making all sorts of noises. I've had a few cats who would get up and meow into the phone as if they were trying to say hi to whoever I was talking to.

In either case, you can keep an interactive wand type cat toy or a catnip toy handy and use it to distract your cat when she starts the unwanted behaviors. For example, when she starts reacting to your Japanese lesson, use one hand to hold the toy and play with her to distract her while you're listening to your lesson.

Angel Hallie (5-15-96/11-7-12) answered on 2/1/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

My grandsons have a toy play mat that makes noises when it's stepped on. I have it on the floor by the window and when Izzie steps on it, it makes noise. He doesn't like it, but he doesn't react with biting and clawing. You should not tolerate this from your cat no matter what the reason. Izzie also hunts what we call "bed mice" (my toes and legs) when I move them under the blankets. I got in the habit of keeping a soda can with pennies taped inside at my bedside and I shook it at him and said "NO BITE" when he did that. I never played with Izzie using my hands or feet. Always a toy. I would not allowe her under the blankets. Keep them tucked tighly around your legs and use the soda can if she attacks them through the blankets. You might also consider changing your routine and listing to your lessons before you go to bed, sitting in a chair.

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