My 5 year old cat whines constantly?

My Domestic Shorthair is 5, and got a clean bill of health from the vet a couple weeks ago. We've only had him a few months, and lately we've noticed him whining more and more.

He whines when he wants food and his litter cleaned, which I'd expect. But when he gets food and his box is clean, he continues to whine. He seems to do it most right when I get home, or when I'm getting ready to go to work.

Is he just attention hungry?

Asked by Member 1092774 on Mar 16th 2012 Tagged whining, behavior, domesticshorthair, healthy in Behavior & Training
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It may not be a whine at all, at least not in the sense of a whine being a sound that indicates dissatisfaction. It seems that it may be his way of letting you know of his needs, and thanking you when those needs are met. The fact that he's doing it more often as he gets to know you may mean he's developing a trusting bond with you.

Ralphie has a sound that sounds like a whine, and we've figured out that it's an affectionate sound. He often does it while rubbing against our ankles, and he does it when we pick him up to give him hugs and cuddles, especially when he hasn't seen us for a bit of time. Sometimes he follows us from room to room and whines. When we hear him whine, we now know it means he loves us and misses us when we're away. I found it annoying before we figured out what it meant, but now it's one of my favorite sounds.

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Your cat is just trying to communicate with you. I recently adopted a 5-year-old cat myself, and he talks to me all the time. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of it (as a first-time cat owner). This "whining" is probably similar to what Nathaniel does.

He talks to me a lot when I first get home ("Yay! Dad's home!"), when I'm getting ready to leave ("But I don't want you to go!"), when he wants food ("I'm hungry!") or when I correctly figure out what he wants and accomplish the task ("Thanks for the clean litter box!").

If your vet was unable to find a physical health issue related to this, I really think your cat is just trying to express himself. There's also articles on this site and others that can help provide some insight on what different behaviors (including different meows) can mean.

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