Multi-cat household questions

Are there any sites or tips for multi-cat households? I recently adopted a few babies from a shelter and although I've always owned cats, I'm realizing there are some differences in owning one vs. a bunch! (Specifically, finding food/water bowls, beds, etc. that are large enough.)

If you have a multi-cat home, do you have separate beds/bowls for each, or one big one? How do you introduce multiple cats to the new home? Any other tips?

Asked by Member 1140346 on Dec 7th 2012 Tagged multiplecats, multicat, bowl, bed in Pet Products
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I have adjusted a few bits in my multi cat household -an increase in litter trays and toys and trees, Offer, one litter tray per cat plus an extra.
Offer as many cosy warm spots as possible , vertical territory such as climbing trees, boxes, beds and cosy spots in front of the fire.
Personally i have not had too much bother with our food bowls,definately offer seperate bowls so you can feed them the correct dinner for age etc and so you can keep an eye on what they are eating. I allow my more skitish kitty Batfink to eat atop the counter so he can get some peace and I have to supervise my kitten Gizmo and my elderly cat Rogue while they eat so they dont steal eachothers dinner (one is on kitten food, one on elder food)
I think the most important thing about having multiple cats is to allow some time each day to sit one on one with each cat and offer them as much attention as possible, otherwise all you need to do is tailor it around your cats specific personility. all the best!!!

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Blossom Brody vas Ratsbane

I'm the 5th cat in my house, so my family is big and my parents have had issues getting all this figured out as well.

My parents have to feed us separately at specific time during the day in separate rooms because my big brother overeats, and my other brother gets special food and medicine. We have learned which room is ours, and follow mom and dad to our rooms to eat. I know I like having my own bowl so I'm not crowded by my siblings.

My parents also have 3 litter boxes which they clean every day or every other day. Some people say to have 1 litter box per cat, but my parents keep our boxes pretty clean so it's ok to have less.

They also make sure we have beds in every room. Thankfully we're also allowed on the couch and the bed! We also have a 3 tiered cat tree and sleeping beds in every room so there's always a place for us!

When I was introduced, my parents let me get used to my environment, then slowly introduced other cats 1 by 1 starting with the nicest to apprehensive

Blossom Brody vas Ratsbane answered on 1/8/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer