More on Benji, a possible Wegie...

Make sure to read the CFA Breed Article/Breed Standards links to the right of the Breed Profile page. Wegies tend to have lusher "ear furnishings" (the hair growing out of the ears) than MCs do, although MC kittens, especially, can have very lush furnishings too. Does Benji play with water? That seems to be hard-wired into MCs. The "M" on the forehead is common to all cats with tabby markings, including ordinary moggies--it has nothing to do with breed. However, the white area that extends above the nose may be more of a Wegie than MC trait. The most representative color for NFCs and MCs is brown tabby (in the case of NFCs, usually with white) but both breeds can come in almost any color imaginable, with or without white. NFCs shed their winter coats in the summer; MCs just shed. NFCs are a relatively new breed in the US, which makes me wonder how NFC blood could have gotten mixed in with that of a moggy, unless it were related to their purported relationship to MCs. Enjoy!

Asked by Harvey on Mar 25th 2010 in Norwegian Forest Cat
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