Missing Semi-Feral in hiding?

I have 3 semi-feral cats, Mom and 2 female kittens. At the end of October, one of the kittens (about 6 months old) disappeared. The other 2 did not seem stressed or concerned. In the first couple days after her disappearance, I called and searched everywhere. There was no sign of a struggle, no body, simply no cat. I tried all standard lost cat things: posted fliers, visited local shelters, vets, etc. No luck. The other cats just followed their normal routine. Her mother never mewed or looked for her - strange since she had always done that before if she didn't know where one of them was. I think it is possible her mother knows where she is. Following her hasn't worked, she evades me. After she disappeared, I saw another cat with them outside - possibly her, but too dark to tell, and it ran away. It has been 8 weeks, is it still possible she is out there hiding, or am I just indulging wishful thinking? If she is hiding somewhere, is there anything else I can do to bring her back?

Asked by Member 784097 on Dec 28th 2008 Tagged semiferal, feral, cat, lost, kittens, disappear, missing, hiding in Fears & Phobias
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Oh my goodness, how unfortunate! That must be so scary to lose one of your furbabies for eight weeks! But never lose hope! Of course your kitty could be out there! It's not wishful thinking- it is simply logic. Your cat has a 50/50 chance of being dead or alive. I would keep hope if I were you.

Continue what you are doing with flyers and visiting the vet's office and shelter. I would also suggest that you offer food and water outside where you think she might be.

I would suggest that you catch all of your semi-feral cats and keep them indoors where they will be the safest. Not to mention you can socialize them, litterbox train them, and turn them into family pets. I would not suggest that you let them outside again, or they will run away. You can also rent a live, humane trap from your local vet's office, Humane Society, or pet store. Put food in the very back of the trap and set it. Check the trap often. If your lucky, you just might catch your missing girl in the trap!

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Izadore (Izzie)

You can also get a "drop trap" (the door drops down when the plate in the back is tripped) free on loan from your local humane officer whom you can contact through your local police. Bait the trap with cheap, oily canned tuna. Put some outside the trap and continue spreading it inside until you have covered the 'trip plate". Put it in a secluded area (like under an evergreen tree or bush) and check it frequently. If you DO catch any cat, DO NOT attempt to remove the cat yourself even if you think she/he recognizes you. Feral cats can be vicious when trapped and claw and bite ferociously. Before you attempt to trap, locate a vet or shelter/rescue who has someone on board who can handle feral cats and contact them when you catch a cat. It's possible the kitten had come into heat and was looking to mate. They are very adept at hiding and come out at night when no one's around. If you can afford to trap,neuter and return (TNR) that's the best way to go. And, thank you for caring!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 12/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


What you need to do is just relax. When you see a cat outside or anywhere that you think it might be yours, slowly come up to it and in a nice calm voice say here kitty kitty or whatever you named it. If it runs away, slowly go where you think it went and try to find it. Good luck!

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