Mama's boy kitten meows and "talks" a lot

One of the kittens I recently adopted (along with the mama) has always been sort of a "mama's boy" and scaredy cat, but now that he's a bit older (about 15 weeks) I'm concerned he may not grow out of it. He runs away from me (although he does let me hold him for a bit if I catch him), scratches as he tries to get away (not aggressive, just because he's pushing off with his back feet), and lately he's crying/meowing a lot.

Recently he was meowing non-stop when his siblings and mama were out of sight. I talked to him from another room, but it didn't help. I've read that when cats meow, it's generally to get their human's attention, not for other cats, but I think this little guy really is meowing at his siblings and/or mama.

I've had scaredy cats before, but this sweetie seems really nervous and attached. His behavior doesn't bother me except that I'm concerned I'm not meeting his needs because I don't understand why he's crying/meowing... Any suggestions for how to help him adjust?

Asked by Member 1140346 on Dec 20th 2012 Tagged fear, scared, anxiety, nervous, separation in Other Behavior & Training
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It sounds like you have yourself a wee challange of a kitten. It seems like a simple case of seperation anxiety in relation to momma cat. As he ages this attachment will fade, though perhaps not as much as you would like it to. To help him along you can make an effort to distract and comfort him when mom and siblings are not around. Since he does not like to be handle much try teaser toys with long strings that allow you to sit in one place but still reach him. Hopefully the problem will resolve itself. Good luck!

George answered on 12/25/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer