Male cat with urinating problems!


I have a cat that's only urinating every 36 hours and is constipated. He's been to the vet 4 times- given an enema, cathetered twice, given fluids, and had more soft food introduced. This has been going on for several weeks now and he's still having problems. The vet has done a urine test and saw that pH was on the acidic side and has given him a hormone to lower it. He doesn't actually try to go, he'll defecate once a day with some straining but that's it. Won't even go check out the litter box. He's sleeping more and isn't playing as much, but isn't crying or pacing. Eats like a champ and still is drinking water. He's not urinating elsewhere in the house, I've checked with a UV light and he's an indoor cat. Any recommendations on what I can give him to help him out?

Asked by Member 1173403 on Jun 2nd 2013 Tagged malecaturinatingunableproblemsconstipated in Illness & Disease
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Is the cat eating dry food? If so, you need to stop and feed it wet food only. Cats with urinary issues need to be on wet food, that is very important. Mix water in the food also, to make a sort of gravy. They need hydration, badly. You can mix some canned pumpkin in with the food, start with a teaspoon at a time, since some cats mightnot eat it at first. That will help with the constipation. Wet food will also help with constipation, since the cat is getting more liquid into it's body. Some cats don't poop every day. Some every few days. But if he is straining to go and not going, that is a problem. I would try the canned pumpkin asap and see if that helps. If they gave you prescription food from the vet, especially if it is dry, most people are not a big fan of it, since it is very low quality stuff, corn and by-products, yet costs a fortune. For the same price, you can feed Wellness or EVO or Weruva or Halo, much better stuff.Fancy feast pate is fine NO FISH bad for UTI health

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How old is your cat? If the cat is not urinating that often the actual urine can become concentrated which may make it more acidic. My cat had hard stools-like little bullets. The vet finally put him on PEG powder-polyethylene glycol. It is a fiber supplement that has done wonders!! I just add about an 1/8 of a tsp to his wet food evey morning. You can also use a hairball remedy a couple times a week which is considered a laxative to move the hair along and aid in digestion. I also put an ice cube in his water-he really likes that. He didn't really like drinking water but he liked the ice! You can also check for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and Megacolon. Good Luck!

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