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I heard the stories that male cat will eat just born or very young kittens. Is that true? Because i have a cat that's a bout to give a birth and also i have a ( neutered) male. I took this cat from a shelter month ago and they aren't still so "happy" with each other. Will there be problems between my Tommy ( male cat) and kittens and their mother?

Asked by Member 639369 on Jul 19th 2008 in Other Behavior & Training
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Eat or not, you should separate Tommy and kittens and their mother. Especially because they don't get along. She'll get very stressed and angry if she sees him close to her new babies. And that's not good, cause she'll need to rest after the birth. I think you should fully introduce kittens to Tommy when they are around 1 month old . Of course, never leave them alone with him. You can put Tommy in the room where the kittens AND their mother and just let him watch them ( but be sure he don't attack them). That way, he'll get to know them and just use to them, so when they get older, i think you won't have problems with kittens and Tommy. And by that time, he just may get use to their mother too.

Sergei answered on Jul 19th.

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Listen to Sergei. He's giving you good advice.

Kittens can get eaten by (a) predators in the wild; (b) a tom looking to make the female mate again; (c) a momcat who thinks caring for kittens puts her in a vulnerable state.

The first two occurrences are unlikely with Tommy, but your queen (pregnant cat) could feasibly feel threatened by his presence, and harm her own kittens as a defense. Besides, cat moms like being alone with their babies period anyway.

Figure out a room that you can quarantine her in, create a spot in that room that will allow her to give birth comfortably (put a cat bed inside a carrier, or get a box and fill it with some cloth rugs might do), and let her be for a while. You may check on the kittens and mom frequently bringing her food (she will need to be fed a lot). Avoid handling the kittens unless she lets you. As Sergei said, wait for the kittens to be mobile (around the 4-5 week mark) before introducing other cats and or people in the mix.

Gracie answered on 7/20/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer