Kitty not settling in well?

We recently adopted a persian cat and she is still terrified of us. We work with a dog rescue, so there has been barking/loud claws on tile noises on occasion, but other than that we have tried to keep it mellow. The new kitty is in a spare bathroom with all her things, and we haven't let her meet the dogs yet, although we are practicing calm behavior by the door to her area. I'm worried the cat isn't adjusting normally, I'm used to dogs, which we can get to settle in pretty quickly, so maybe I'm being paranoid. It's my first kitty and I want her to be happy. She is also extremely matted and is going to need to be shaved, she also needs to be spayed. Should I get these things done now? Or should I wait until she settles in a little better? After a week, she still doesn't like to be petted or touched in any way. We've tried not to push her, she'll come see us when we go in the bathroom, but even if we touch her gently while treating her she will hiss at us. Help!

Asked by Member 607571 on Sep 22nd 2011 Tagged new, cat, adoption, dogs, aggression, hissing in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Joey (In Memory)

Who did you adopt this kitty from that they gave her to you matted and intact? First things first, take your new kitty to the vet. Have her checked out - it doesn't sound like you adopted through a shelter or at least not a reputable one. Get her spayed, shaved and immunized before she meets the dogs. And it could very well be that she won't adjust to the dogs - some cats never do and some cats are fine. Please see the vet - get her a thorough check up and see if there is a medical reason for her distress. Good luck.

Joey (In Memory) answered on 9/23/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree with Joey, vet care needs to be your first step. I just adopted a 7 year old Persian and the shelter had provided her with all her vet care and even microchipped her but she's been to my vet twice already in less than a month. Once to be checked before I let my other cats be exposed to her and then again for booster shots. My vet even gave me info on how to help her adjust and how to introduce her to the family. But it can take a while for an adult kitty to adjust to a new situation as I am sadly learning the hard way. Carly loves all humans but hates the other cats. She hisses like crazy when they get near her and today she whopped Piper in the head for trying to share her chair. I am sure everything around your cat must smell like dogs to her. You just have to take it one day at a time and let her come to you. My vet suggested using Feliway diffuser to help Carly but I honestly do not think it is doing anything.

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