Kitten Wants Everyone's Food But his!

I just got a new male kitten two weeks ago. He is very affectionate, but he has several "unpleasant" habits, one of them being trying to eat my food while I am eating it. He even took a bite out of the sandwich as I had it in my mouth! Every time and anyone who eats has to suffer this. Scolding and distracting with toys doesn't work. How do I stop my kitten from doing this? He has his own food and water right there for him to get at.


Asked by Member 902435 on Oct 18th 2009 in Behavior & Training
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I had this same problem with Blaze for a while and I had to stop eating anyplace besides at the dining room table. I used to take food into the living room and eat in front of the tv but I had to stop that until she got a little older and got better at understanding the rules. If he has scheduled feeding time, I would try to make sure it is when you are also having a meal. But if you keep the bowls filled and free feed him like I do, I would put fresh food in the bowls when you are about to eat as well. Still not as interesting as whatever you are having I am sure. But he will outgrow it if you continually discourage him from touching your food. And never share with him. This just reinforces the bad habits. When my Kira was sick, I always shared with her because I felt so bad and thought I might lose her. Now she wants a taste of everything I have and sits and begs like a dog. But she is polite about it. She doesn't take without asking. LOL

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my cat had the same problem until we got fed up with his inappropriate behavior! what we did was when he ate other peoples' food including his own stepbrothers' and sisters' food we would scold him something like no! bad kitty! and we would put him in his cat carrier for about 2 hours. but dont worry if he starts crying its normal. My cat didnt learn his lesson until the thousandth time of putting him in his cage! Oh and by the way do not give him any treats right after you take him out of the cage for being a good boy, it will influence bad behavior! Only reward him when he doesn't eat your food! hope this helps! stay strong! =^.^=

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