Kitten not wanting to eat with loose tooth?

Ditto is 6 months old, and was feeling sickly after being neutered. I took him to the vet today and found out he has a respiratory infection, and he's doing a little bit better even with the little bit of medicine he's had so far.

The doctor also pointed out that he has a loose tooth in the back, and one fell out this morning. I believe this (plus being sick) is making him not want to eat.

I mashed up some tuna for him and he tried to eat it, but kinda winced and gagged after he chewed. I'm guessing that's the loose tooth? I bought him some kitty milk and he took a little bit of that. I also just bought him some wet food that we haven't tried yet.

Any suggestions on what to feed him? I know he's hungry, poor thing :(

Thank you so much!

Asked by Ditto on Mar 4th 2013 Tagged kitten, loosetooth, lossofapetite, repiratoryinfection in Health & Wellness
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I would guess more than the loose tooth, maybe a sore throat from the anesthesia? And maybe the respiratory infection is making him feel sluggish too. I'm betting the yummy canned food might interest him more than anything, though he still may not eat much if he is feeling icky still. I hope he feels better soon.

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