kitten food acceptable for "sensitive" stomachs?

My cats, 1 year old this month, have "sensitive" stomachs. one of them just getting over a bout with colitis. the vet said no more wet food, and only dry food intended for cats with sensitive stomachs. i can't afford to buy special food regularly. would kitten food be a suitable substitute, since they are intended for growing digestive systems that are sensitive anyways?

Asked by TuxiBelle on May 21st 2010 in Pet Food
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I'm sorry, but I don't agree with your vet that your cats shouldn't eat wet food due to sensitive stomachs. I had this same problem with my cat and my vet told me to put her on hypoallergenic dry food. It costs a fortune! So, against my vet's advice, I purchased Wellness Core (dry food) and the canned food as well. They are grain free. Well, it's been over two years and no more bad tummy or diarrhea. You could give it a try. I would not use kitten food on adult cats. They may gain weight too quickly. They have just completed their first year when they have grown the most they ever will. Hopefully, you will have good results with a grain free diet. Best of luck to you and your kitties.

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Buddy-Budd da Blue

I am kind of worried when any vet(or human doctor for that matter)makes a diagnosis like this. Is this from a longitudinal analysis(Several visits over time for a baseline). The answer always seems to be expensive special dry diets. I would check out the raw food forum. I was really surprised at the information and am going to try to get my Buddy off of dry to control his weight. I would stay with a good brand wet and see. Like humans you really need to watch over a period of time like a few weeks. Unless of course there is an exacerbation and then deal with it immediately. I am going to try a diary on Buddy's transition so we shall see. Purrs Pets and Good health to you all!

Buddy-Budd da Blue answered on 5/22/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Your vet needs to give his head a shake, and go and get more training than what he got in vet school (a mere few hours on nutrition done by the pet food company). Your cat could have an allergy to a specific ingredient like the grain that is in most foods, fish, beef, or chicken. What kind of food are you feeding now? I would try and feed an all wet diet this is more close to their natural diet. If you can, Wellness grain free wet foods are a good choice. Also Naturala Balance has a limited ingredients wet food, but I would not try these until you know for sure. Start out with the Wellness, or Evo 95 % line of wet.
Here is a link for you to read.

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