Issues with 'Newish' Cats, Territory, Socialization and Anxiety! Help!

Several months ago, I adopted two new cats from the humane shelter [a boy, a girl]. They have both acclimated very well with my other cat [8-9] but not so well with the younger cat [1-2 yrs]. Batty, the eldest, suddenly turned on the youngest & refuses to be in the same room with her. She hisses, spits, screams & growls. It just doesn't make any sense to me! The other two cats were welcomed with open arms, but she turns on the other who has been here for well over a year? Buster, the male, is friendly but when my youngest decides to be brave & come downstairs, he stalks her & viciously attacks her. Now, my youngest is reduced to being fearful & suffering from what I guess to be anxiety. She hides from all guests & even when I try to bring Pickles, the docile female, in to socialize, she refuses to cooperate. I would like to have her come downstairs, be friendly with the others, but she screams at the mere sight of Buster; regardless of if he comes close, attacks, etc. Help me, please!

Asked by Member 1127892 on Aug 27th 2012 Tagged cat, cats, anxiety, socialization, social, help, adopt, new, newcats, youngcat, oldercat, attacks, attack, avoidance in Behavior & Training
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