Is Tux, from Brighton, MA ID 685977 still up for adoption?

Saw Tux for adoption. ID 685977 I am interested. Please email:

Asked by Member 1071984 on Nov 20th 2011 in The Adoption Process
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The cats on this site are maintained by 10's of thousands of different owners, foster parents, and shelters, so the odds of the person who listed Tux seeing this in the Answers section is very small. You can use the "Send a message to this cat" button on Tux's profile ( ) to contact the poster directly and if you don't hear back try contacting the shelter she is listed at, The Ellen M. Gifford Shelter, by phone or e-mail as listed on their Petfinder profile- Good luck!

Cali answered on 11/21/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer