Is this UTI or just spraying?

I'm an older male tom with FIV and un-neutered as of now (but will be next week). Last night I peed just a little bit on mommy's comforter. She caught me and said NO, so I stopped and peed in the litterbox instead. Then later on in the night I either peed on or sprayed on mommy's purse which was near the door in the living room. Now I have a younger brofur who's also not neutered (but is going to be next week too) and an older sisfur who is spayed...and my brofur has been picking on us but hasn't sprayed yet as far as mommy knows. Still Mommy knew someone sprayed since she could smell it this morning and it smelled like me since I sprayed in my carrier when I arrived 3 weeks ago. (She cleaned up both stains as well as the carrier.) Mommy now wants to know if I have a UTI, or am just spraying cuz I'm un-neutered. I do have a vet appt. Saturday so if it's a UTI I can have antibiotics.

Purr-lease let mommy and me know so we know what to do.

Solomon the Purrmaster

Asked by Solomon on Jan 7th 2009 Tagged uti, spraying in FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)
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I would guess that having lived the life of an un-neutered male who was on the street and could spray whenever he wanted, this is probably just a bad habit. But it is good that you have a vet visit scheduled already to rule out a possible UTI. I would also clean the places he sprayed with something like Nature's Miracle because you need to remove the scent that the cats can smell or they will all feel like they need to mark that spot. Regular cleaning products will just clean what you can smell but they will still know it's there. But you have also said he is FIV positive? Are all of your cats FIV positive because it sounds like you have exposed them to him already?

Allie answered on 1/7/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Freckles (1993-2011)

The general rule is that if he's peeing on vertical surfaces (walls etc) that's usually territorial spraying but if he's peeing on flat surfaces that could be from anxiety or a UTI. Since Solomon's unneutered and his younger brother is bullying him its much more likely to be territorial spraying/anxiety than a UTI. Since you've got a vets appointment already set up they can do blood/urine checks to check everything is OK.

The other posters advice is good. I use Natures Miracle and its good and removes the smell really well. You should also try Feliway as that often helps with (non UTI) peeing and bullying issues.

Freckles (1993-2011) answered on 1/7/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer