is this normal? is this a good sign?

i am introducing a new cat into our family. we've done the sanctuary room and switching the cats out of the sanctuary room so the two established cats can get the smell of the new kitty. all this has gone well with no signs of stress. so we've moved to the next step: letting them see each other. we were propping the door open about an inch but there was a lot of hissing and growling and batting paws - too aggressive (they've already run off one newcomer, i ended up giving her to my mom, it was too stressful for all of us - cats and humans). so we put up a cheap screen door. i know they can see each other but they are totally ignoring each other. it's so opposite of the cracked door. why do you think this is? is this a good sign?

Asked by Member 647618 on Aug 23rd 2008 in Socialization
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