is Tempy too young to be spayed?

So, little Tempy is only 3 months old. I contacted my vet to enquire about getting her spayed, they said 5 1/2 months at the earliest. I explained that my concern is that she is already exploring the garden and it wont be long until she goes further with her mum (Dino)and I really don't want her to have a litter. My vet said they will do it when she weighs 1kg minimum for that reason, but my partner thinks she is too young.......

she is to be weighed in 2 weeks time and if she weighs enough she will be booked in. I personally feel that it is for the best as there are already too many unwanted cats/kittens without Tempy adding to the feline population. your opinions are welcome on this matter.

Asked by Temperance on Aug 25th 2011 in Spaying & Neutering
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She's not too young to be spayed & it should be done as soon as possible. Some female cats can become pregnant as early as 4 months of age.

Twinkle answered on 8/26/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


In the US, shelters commonly spay or neuter cats as young as 12 weeks prior to adoption. Modern anesthesia makes it perfectly safe because they are able to measure the small amount and wake them up quickly afterward. My vet also goes by the 5 months or 5 pounds rule (not sure how that equates to kg) But that is because my cats are indoor cats so there was no risk and Persians are late bloomers so they were months away from their first heat at that point. I have never heard of a cat going into heat before 5 months old but I suppose it is possible. If your vet has agreed to do it at 1 kg then they must think it will be safe for her. Certainly much more safe than having babies so young would be.

Allie answered on 8/26/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer