Is six weeks too young?

My kitten has been scratching at everything and everyone since I've gotten her although she's good at scratching at toys and her post it doesn't stop her from scratching at people too. I've tried being strict with her and telling her no but when I do she attacks me lately I've been putting her in time out (like putting her in her room for about ten min so she can cool down) My mum told me to put on Soft claws on her but the package says 12-16 weeks and Bijou's 6 do you think its safe to put them on her? I put on the little nail cap on her claw without the glue and she seems fine she doesn't even notice it. I'm just worried for her, but my mum is starting to get mad at me my mum has diabetes and when the kitten scratches her its bad for my mum. Idk what to do! HELP?!

Asked by Bijou on Oct 4th 2009 Tagged claws, softclaws, kitten, scratching, weeks in Alternative Treatments
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It's probablyy more an issue of her little claws being too tiny for the caps than a safety issue. Have you tried trimming her claws? You just cut the little hook part, no further. Stay away from the darker colored part where the vein is. It's hard with a tiny kitten but it seems necessary if she's having a hard time learning her manners. And when she scratches you, you need to redirect her to a toy. Make sure that you never use your hands to play with her. Not even under the blankets. Get toys like feathers on a stick or a fishing pole type toy so you can play without her touching your hands. Time out is a good way to calm her down but she also needs to be taught the right things to do.6 weeks is a little young and she didn't have enough time with her littermates and Mom to learn proper behavior so you will need to teach her now. Good luck!

Allie answered on 10/4/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer