Is scoopable cat litter bad for cats

I was told by somebody at a store that scoopable cat litter is bad for them because they eat it. is this true?

Asked by Member 864569 on Aug 22nd 2009 in Odor Eliminators
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Scoopable clay is bad for them IF they eat it. Not because they eat it. IF they eat it, it can clump in their intestines and cause a blockage. However, I have 6 cats and have used Tidy Cats Scoop successfully since each was 8 weeks old. None of mine eat litter. Maggie's breeder used it for her cats and kittens and she is a vet. If you are afraid that it may be a problem, then I would suggest that you try The World's Best Cat litter which is a scoopable made from corn, Swheat Scoop which is made from wheat or Feline Pine scoop which is made from pine sawdust. All are natural products and would be harmless if eaten. But since I have so many cats, I have to say that none of those do much to help with odor except WBCL and my cats prefer the Tidy cats. If you do make a change, offer it along side of your existing litter until they can get used to it. A sudden change can result in them going potty someplace else instead as a protest.

Maggie answered on Aug 22nd.

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Scoopable cat litter isn't bad for cats only because they may eat it. It also has a large amount of lead in it (or so I've been told by store owners, vets, and crazy cat ladies lol). I've heard that the best stuff to use is a corn based cat litter. It clumps, is scoopable, and doesn't cause blockages if they eat it. I've tried using a corn based litter, and I prefer it to the scoopable (the smell is covered better, works just as well for clumping, and doesn't send off tons of dust every time you pour it). If you're unsure about a corn base, there is also Feline Pine (which I hear works nice) and Yesterdays News (which is recycled newspaper).

Member 870126 answered on 8/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Try Pro Pet Fresh Results. It is all natural so it presents less risk. It is marketed as safe for animals recovering from surgery. It has a pine tree type scent. It is also light, unlike
other clumping litter. There is not much dust like regular litter. One whole bag only weighs a few lbs. and it lasts me over a week. That's with three cats, too! Usually grown cats will not eat litter, only young ones!

DOODLE answered on 8/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer