Is my kitty lonely

Recently I lost my younger kitty Footless to cancer. Now I am worried that my older kitty Boots might be lonely. He will be 20 years this spring so I don't just want to jump and get a new cat and stress him from the sudden changes in environment. If he needs a new kitty friend I am more than willing to get him a new friend. I just don't want to jump into it. What is causing the concern is when I come home from work Boots meows his head off. When Footless was alive he did not do that. I do give him extra love the moment I walk in the door. Oh, I have thought about a pet sitterduring the day but he is not social with other people and takes a long time to warm up to. Any advise? Thanks!

Asked by Footless on Mar 2nd 2013 in Loss of a Pet
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your kitty. I was wondering if maybe you could find a place that fosters kitties, and try one out? That way you didn't have to completely commit to one, and then it not work out? Maybe if you found a good rescue, that had an adult cat that was already known to be really good around other cats, and you could just try it? I'm thinking Boots still may have the typical cat reaction and hiss at the new cat, but maybe it would not go too badly. I think that is what I would do in this situation. That way, if it did just seem too stressful for Boots, then you could give the kitty back and they could still try to find it another home. I think Boots is lonely. Best of luck, I hope you can find a friend for Boots.

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