Is my kitty in love with me?

Not only does she follow me around everywhere , but any chance she gets she tries to lure me to bed. Once there she finds her comfy spot which is snuggling face to face and will spend 10 minutes licking my face especially lips. She head butts and purrs aggressively . Then looks at me with the ever loving eyes and gives that pathetic weak meow. She likes to be held and carried around over the shoulder like a baby. If I am busy doing something , she puts her arms ask me to pick her up. She is 8 years old and is not the only cat I have. She will sometimes guard me from the other cat. Her love for me is obsessive .

Asked by Member 1156630 on Feb 23rd 2013 in Other Behavior & Training
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I have a brother and sister kitten closing in on 7 months each, but they both have different personalities. Every now and again Romeo (boy) will meow and rub up against our legs wanting to be picked up, but he otherwise is more independent. Cairo out babygirl on the other hand, she just loves to be around us. She'll follow me from room to room if she's awake, wait outside the bathroom door, meow more vocally when she wants to be picked up and snuggled and likes to be a lap kitten. Her favorite snuggle spot is lying on my chest or my bf's like a scarf and giving kisses. Romeo only sometimes will come sit on our laps and cuddle on his terms. I don't think your kitty is "in love" with you, but she surely does love you! If you research cat behaviour too the cat doing most of the "rubbing" against other family members is lower on the hierarchy of your family, while the others are higher - also she's marking you as "hers" with the glands in her cheek. Happy kitty love to you!

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