Is my kitten sick or just nervous? And other questions.

I just adopted a 7 month female kitten from the shelter yesterday, and brought her home after they spayed her. I left her in my room with food and water and litter box but she adapted surprisingly fast and let me and my mom pet her soon after. She didn't eat or drink or have to go so is that due to the surgery?

Later at night when I went to sleep she started meowing nonstop, I noticed that in intervals her middle would tense up and two meows would sound louder than the rest. I also heard her digging at the litter box so I woke up to check it, and she got some of it outside. Does she not like the brand of litter maybe? Was she meowing because she wants attention? She came onto my bed twice; the second time I hugged her, thinking she might want to sleep next to me but she escaped from my arms.

In the morning we let her out of my room to explore, and she never stopped meowing the whole time. Maybe she wants out or is looking for something familiar?

I'm taking her to the vet by tomorrow

Asked by Member 1144539 on Jan 9th 2013 in Bringing Your Pet Home
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A check with the vet is always a good idea. I am not surprised by most of what I hear - this is a huge adjustment for her and it takes time. Her behavior post-surgery is not surprising. The meowing may be her vocalizing her anxiety - and if you are not in the room she may be calling for you or just a friendly face – she may be missing “others” around her after being in the shelter. If she is using the box that is a good sign - positive reinforcement is needed here but don't punish her when she misses it is counterproductive. Best advice is to make a cozy spot for her to call her own - toys, scratching post, etc. and let her get used to her surroundings. Try not to reach for her too much at first - I know your instinct is to hug her and handle her - but she is just getting to know you as well so give her time to come to you. Play with her - get a wand toy and play until you wear her out - this will help her sleep too! See what the vet says and good luck with your new baby!

Phoebe answered on Jan 9th.

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