Is my cat having trouble swallowing?

Our 7-month-old kitten started doing something odd two days ago. After lapping up water, he'll extend his neck and make repeated swallowing motions–often comes with a "clicking" sound. No gagging, regurgitating, or other symptoms as far as I can tell. He seems to swallow food (wet and dry) just fine. Appetite and energy are normal.

He recently went to the vet because of sneezing and a whistling noise... vet suspected a URI (possibly from the herpes virus?) and he just completed a course of antibiotics and is still on Viralys Lysine powder.

Could these be related? Should I worry and take him to a vet immediately?

Thanks so much for your help. I worry about my little guy.

Asked by Bowski on Jan 28th 2013 Tagged swallowing, uri in Other Health & Wellness
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Some cats swallow weird. I know my cat Simon will do this after he drinks but I think that may have something to do with the fact that he has feline asthma, he only does this when he's having a reaction to something and breathing is harder for him.

A follow up exam with your vet would probably be a good idea anyway, just to double check that his URI is completely gone and that he is healthy. I'm sure the vet wouldn't mind taking a peek in his throat for you either.

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