Is kitten food bad for older cats?

My family just got two new kittens and we already have 2 eleven year old cats. We leave food out all the time and put kitten food in our bowls. Our older cats are now eating it too. I know that kitten food is high in calories and that it is OK to feed to 2 year old cats and other young ones, as long as you don't care if they get heavier. But is it more unhealthy for old cats? Because I don't see how we can separate the bowls.

Asked by Member 1017342 on Dec 30th 2010 Tagged kittens, oldercats, food in Food & Nutrition
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Kitten food is high in calories and fat. Lactating Momcats can eat kitten food, but generally speaking, it's best not to feed it to adults--defined as a cat over one year old. Feeding kitten food to adult cats can result in obesity (calories) or runny stools (speaking from my own experience). Ideally, you should feed your cats with different nutritional needs separately, and avoid the free-feeding of kibble. You might consult with your vet as to whether your older cats should be eating geriatric cat food, or bring it up on the Food Forum on Catster. There are some premium foods on the market that are said to be suitable for all ages.

Spike answered on 12/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Freckles (1993-2011)

As long as the older cats aren't fat and don't have kidney disease that requires them to eat a low protein diet it shouldn't cause too much harm if they get some of the kitten food. The best is to put the kitten food somewhere that the 11 year olds can't get to. While they are small you can put a screw/hook in a door frame an then use a loop of string so the door will only open a few inches so the kittens can get through but it's too small for an adult cat. You can leave the adult food out with access for all the cats but the kittens will probably go to the other room to eat the kitten food instead as it is tastier. With Freckles she can't jump up to the counter top so I put the younger cats food there and her food is down at ground level. You can also get "complete" foods that are suitable for cats and kittens that would be better for your 11 year olds than the kitten food if you aren't able to separate their food.

Freckles (1993-2011) answered on 12/31/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


there is no need to feed a seperate food formula. feed your cats high quality food that is apporiate for all ages. kitten food is marketing scam. you dont see a kitten in the wild eating a mouse made for kittens. but anyway i dont think kitten food is going hurt your older ones.

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