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Is Dottie a Manx?

I do not think she is a purebred or anything but I think it is a good possibility that she could have some of that particular breed in her. She has had a bobtail all her life and is sort of cobby. I have this book titled, "Legacy of the Cat" and I read the description for a Manx. It fit her perfectly: Dottie is a fantastic, amazing jumper, can take sharp turns, and is very playful, she even plays fetch! I also noticed this picture in the Manx section and there was a picture of a Manx that looked exactly like her; it could have just been her twin! The caption was: Manx Blue Tortie.
This may or may not be enough infomation, but I'm just asking for what you think she is.

Asked by Dottie ♥ on Jan 22nd 2011 Tagged manx in Manx
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No,I doubt that Dottie is a Manx. The Manx is an old established breed, but quite rare (fewer than 100 of them are being shown with the CFA this year). I think she's a natural bobtailed cat, and would be classified as a domestic short hair. Manxes have round faces that resemble those of British Shorthairs, and have small ears. Temperament and behavior are rarely used to identify a breed; conformance to breed standards is. She's a beautiful, unique cat, so enjoy!

Lola answered on 1/22/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer