Is Balinese cat fine with first time cat owners ??

I was at Balinese cat page, and it says Balinese cats
are good for first time cat owners...
but on a TV show called Cats 101 says they are not...
because they are highly intelligent...
Which should I trust ??
because I am very interested in Balinese cat..but also I have never had a cat in my life..

Please help.. !

Asked by Member 1066237 on Feb 7th 2012 in Balinese
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When you have 2 "expert" opinions that are completely different it is best to go to a true expert. I would find yourself a Balinese breeder and discuss that with him/her. They will be able to discuss their personalities and the difficulty of their care with you. If you have never met a Balinese and are basing your desire to have one on appearance, then that is not the best way to choose a family member. You can also try visiting cat shows to meet breeders and get to know more about Balinese. However, I don't think the breed is terribly common so they may not be easy to find. But you should consider visiting your local shelters and rescuing a kitty that you can meet and choose based on his or her personality and choose a pet that is right for you as your first cat and not choose based on a tv show that profiled a specific breed.

Allie answered on 2/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


The thing about breed profiles is that they represent an ideal summary of a typical pet of that breed- not a guarantee that that's what you'll get. Individual animal's natures will always vary, as every pet has a special and unique personality, and nurture plays a big role in how a pet interacts with the world.

Specialty breed cats like Balinese represent a very small percentage of the cat population, most cats have no official verifiable breed and are considered Domestics or "moggies" and if you've never had a cat before I would recommend going to a good no-kill shelter or rescue group where the volunteers know the animals, and tell them you're a prospective first time cat owner looking for a cat with whatever particular personality traits you're hoping for and let them find you some good candidates and see who you click with. Fluffy cats are beautiful, but require daily grooming to properly maintain and can be worse for allergies if you've never been around cats before.

Cali answered on 2/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer