Introducing two cats - old cat is friendly but new cat is indifferent

Robie is 3, male, neutered, and very friendly. I adopted a new cat so he could have a companion, Clementine is 2, spayed and smaller than him. I followed the rules on gradual introduction. He has been very friendly to her, hasn't hissed or growled, wants to play and whines when the door to her room is closed. Clementine is completely indifferent to him, ignores him for hours, and has hissed a couple of times. This morning, I was in her room petting her (Robie was not there), and she went from purring to biting my hand very hard and hissing at me. We haven't really bonded, it's been a week and a half, but she is usually friendly to me. I'm just not sure how to proceed - continue the slow introduction, or keep her isolated with no contact for a little while? The thing is, she whines when I don't let her out of the room, which makes me think she does want to hang out with us.

Asked by Member 1171769 on Jun 1st 2013 in Other Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Don't confuse affection with not wanting to be contained. If this cat was a stray, the last thing she wants is to be cooped up inside. You can not force sweetness; her true personality will emerge in time. Just let them intermingle while you are home and keep them separated when you're not, until you're sure that there will be no incidents. Try feeding them treats together, like Greenies SmartBites, and then start feeding them at the same time and see how it goes. You can have a nice relationship with both of them even if they don't become best buddies. ^_^

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