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I want to buy a cat tree for my cat

My cat is declawed. So I wonder if he will play with a cat tree? Don't wanna waste money :( If I buy one from a retail store like petsmart and he doesn't play with it, can I still return it? I seldom see him jumping on anything!!!

Asked by meow meow on Mar 26th 2009 Tagged cattree in Toys
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He will probably love it. They don't need claws to jump and they like the verticle space of being up higher. It took mine a day or two after bringing it home to use it, but now they all love it.

Member 628763 answered on 3/26/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Is he back declawed too? If hes not I dont think he'll have any problems with any kind of tree and will probably love it! If hes declawed on all fours you might want to make sure you get one with level he can easily jump from one to another and not need to climb up any straight poles or anything. My cats more jsut love to sit in the cubbies of them and in the beds, even a kitty condo with some cubbies and maybe one or two levels would probably thrill him!

Philbert answered on 3/26/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I read his arrival story & really felt bad for him for what his previous owners did to him. Thank god,you were able to rescue him & give him a home for now. Bless you for your big heart:).In my opinion he will not be as effective at climbing trees as cats with claws but it does not prevent him from climbing.That being said,I think cattrees at retail store are overpriced.I bought a brand new one from <>.They sell the most wonderful trees & they are sturdy,really tall & inexpensive.I bought the model A6501,(2.5*2.3*5.5 ft),quite tall indeed & it cost me only $125.Usually in retail stores you will hardly get as tall as 2.5 ft for this amt & not of very good quality.I would suggest buying from here.Excellent Customer service.Only tax,no shipping charges & they delivered in just 3 days!It took me exactly 8 mins to assemble,no tools needed.They have Manufacturer Direct Warranty as well.You should try that.Let me know how it works out.My cats just love it & can't get enuf!

Cherry answered on 3/26/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


my friend bought a kitty house thing from Menard's - and her kitty is declawed on all fours and just LOVES the kitty house. I think it's called Catropolis or something, and you can buy all these different add-ons, but she just has the main one - it's got 2 levels for the cat to jump on (it's made of like vinyl or something), as well as dangling toys and a net thing for her to sit on. i think my friend said it was only $20-30.

Belle answered on 3/26/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Honestly after your cat gets comfortable with being declawed they will go back to acting as if they had claws. They never grow out of pretending to sharpen their claws or bat at stuff. Just because your cat doesn't jump doesn't mean it won't enjoy climbing on things. Most of the time its after you are asleep when they get into stuff ^_^. I'm sure if you decide to buy it he will find a good use for it. He might not play with it right away but sooner or later his curiosity will get the best of him.

Midnight answered on 3/26/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Mine love their tree and not just for climbing and clawing. I have it in front of the window and they love to sit on it and watch the birds. Cats love to be up high and look down on their world. I would just ask at Petsmart about their return policy. They even take back open bags of the premium foods if your cat doesn't like it so they have good customer service. My trees are from They have great prices and they are really easy to put together. I got mine from their eBay dealers and they were even cheaper. They list them at 99 cents and then the real cost is in the shipping. As long as you don't bid over 99 cents, you get a great deal.

Allie answered on 3/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Lily Ann

Yes your kitty will love a tree, Our Cat Tree product has evolved into the "top choice" of cats and cat lovers everywhere.
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